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Opinions on Windscribe free vpn: Prices, Netflix, Torrents,...what you need to know!

There are currently many VPN providers on the market, offering increasingly high-performance services. With the constant emergence of new computer threats, they are specifically designed to improve the protection of your data that passes through the Web. Thus, your Internet traffic is encrypted to hide your online identity. Read our Windscribe review to discover its strengths and weaknesses.
About the supplier

Our guest of the day is a relatively young Canadian supplier who was born in March 2016. It's a head office located in Canada, specifically in Richmond Hill, Ontario Region. He relies on innovation to attract Internet users and has built a solid reputation.
How did he manage to win over millions of users in such a short period? This is what we will try to clarify in our Windscribe opinion. Our hero of the day aims to compete with industry leaders, including ExpressVPN and CyberGhost. His team continues to research to improve the performance of his software further.

If, on paper, the functionalities offered by its tool seem to be effective, is this the case in practice? We did a Windscribe test to see what it is. Follow the guide to learn more!

Windscribe pricing plan:

So let's start right away with this complete review of Windscribe with the price it offers. We don't have many VPN providers offering such attractive pricing as this one. You'll find out right away.
Windscribe vpn pricing plan
For the monthly subscription without commitment, the rate proposed by is $9.00 per month.

For an annual subscription or a one-year commitment, you will be able to take advantage of the service for only $4.08 per month, for a total of $48.96 in one year.

For a 2-year subscription, the rate is only $3.70 per month or $89 per 24 months.

Windscribe test on its performance:

Speed and safety are two of the main criteria to consider when choosing a supplier. These factors are decisive in our Windscribe opinion.

An inconclusive speed:

During our Windscribe test, we connected to servers located in Europe and the United States. The results were somewhat disappointing! Indeed, compared to the most efficient software, that of the day is far from adequate.

To provide you with a credible Windscribe opinion, we have performed a comprehensive analysis. To do this, we used servers located in remote countries. The initial bandwidth (without VPN) of 100 MB / second was increased to 75 MB / second via a server located in Germany.

As a result, we have seen a decrease in speed of around 25%. These figures are insufficient to allow us to give it a positive rating in our Windscribe opinion. For your information, the ExpressVPN application shows a loss of just 5%.

By going through a server located in the United States, we noticed a 40% slower download speed. As a result, the results are irrevocable. This massive difference confirms our negative assessment obtained during the first step of our Windscribe test.

However, we would like to inform you that we did not encounter any problems during the streaming sessions, even in HD. The same applies to downloads, even with large files.

Windscribe test on its features:

The rest of our analysis focuses on the possibility of streaming on Netflix and downloading P2P torrents. The results obtained will have a real impact on our Windscribe opinion.

Unlocking Netflix

This Ontario-based provider provides users who have subscribed to a paid offer with servers called "Windflix." These are located in the United Kingdom and the United States. During our Windscribe test, we were able to access any Netflix library thanks to this innovative tool easily.
The same is true for any TV channels. No matter where you are, you can watch them live without experiencing any cuts or slowdowns. As you can probably imagine, our Windscribe opinion is more than positive in this part of our analysis.
Windscribe vpn netflix

The only problem is that, unlike industry giants like ExpressVPN, it does not offer additional features such as the diagnostic report. However, this does not affect our Windscribe opinion on features.
Note that the chances of bypassing geo-restriction bottlenecks depend largely on the VPN infrastructure. However, it should be noted that our guest of the day is very late at this point. Indeed, it has only about 600 servers covering 60 countries. For your information, CyberGhost offers more than 3,700 of them scattered in 60 countries.

Downloading torrents in P2P:

Other good news that pushes us to give it an excellent rating in our Windscribe opinion, peer-to-peer file sharing is allowed. Warning, it is not recommended to pass through servers with a crossed-out P2P icon to perform this operation.
It is good to know that the software proposed by this Canadian operator includes cruise control. Thus, despite the slow connection, download time is still reduced. Also, it is able to automatically choose the most appropriate server to enjoy optimal speed.

What we most appreciated during our Windscribe test was the automatic switchover mode. It also offers the double jump function to prevent malicious people from following your traffic. However, this will be at the expense of connection speed.

Conclusion :
We could not finish this complete review of the supplier's offer without offering you a summary and conclusion of the Windscribe opinion and test.

As you have seen, this VPN has many advantages but also some negative aspects that currently prevent it from competing with CyberGhost and especially ExpressVPN offers.

Keep an eye on the supplier and this Windscribe opinion because it is growing fast and could very soon become a real serious competitor!


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