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Evaluation, Reviews and Reviews of NordVPN

Product Name: NordVPN

Author: Nordvpn.com

Website: www.nordvpn.com

English language

Pitch: Anonymous surfing

Price: € 2.62 / month

Format: VPN

Delivery: Instant Download

Warranty: 30 days (100% refund if not satisfied)

Nord vpn

Description of NordVPN:

"NordVPN" is a site offering the services of a high quality VPN based in Panama.

Evaluation of NordVPN:
"NordVPN" is a site offering the services of a VPN which focuses on the protection of private data, the fight against cybercrime and the reduction of mass surveillance.

But above all, what is a VPN?
VPN stands for Virtual Private Network (aka Virtual Private Network).

This is a secure access between several devices to help protect your data and your privacy, it allows among other things to make your IP address untraceable, to encrypt your communications or to watch hundreds of movies and Streaming series without problem!

What are the features of "NordVPN"?
The interface of "NordVPN" is simple to understand and use, from the first glance we can notice that this VPN offers many features that testify to its overall quality.

A total of 6 devices can be connected simultaneously per account and the VPN software is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, Android and IOS!

Security :
Security level, this VPN service will allow you to protect yourself from the dangers that can roam the corners of each web page!

Indeed, "NordVPN" uses a military level encryption system (AES) previously used by the NSA and the US government.

The AES or Advanced Encryption Standard is nowadays a perfect option to enjoy excellent security while offering you high throughput!

"NordVPN" is also equipped with an IKEv2 / Ipsec security protocol which is similar to a military encryption and protection grade.

Not to mention OpenVPN which allows additional security thanks to the use of TCP and UDP ports allied with the AES-256-CBC algorithm with a DH key of 2048 bits!

The CyberSec feature will allow you to block unwanted ads while keeping your computer safe from any internet site attack or malware!

And if all that was not enough, it is still possible to increase your security level thanks to the Double VPN feature that will redirect your traffic through 2 different servers before reaching you to allow you to change your IP address while encrypting your traffic a second time to secure your connection to the maximum!

The "nordvpn" policy is very strict, which is why this VPN service is absolutely not connected.

In other words, there is no log or history of your activity on the Internet!

Security tools are currently implemented via "Nordvpn", such as the Kill Switch, which will ensure, in case of interruption of your VPN connection, that some sites or software remain blocked.

This system works in tandem with the DNS function test. It is also possible to combine your VPN with the Onion network, doubling, at the same time, improving your privacy!

Enabling privacy protection is easy, just click through the Proxy extension for Google Chrome, which will install next to your search bar!

Further information:
The VPN service "NordVPN" is made up of more than 4500 servers in more than 60 different countries, which means, by using this service, easily be easily measurable to the content unavailable in your country of origin, simply by passing on a server foreign.

Smart System, which allows you to transfer 400 streaming sites around the world, so that your favorite shows are within everyone's reach!

Some servers are even these. They have unlimited bandwidth and improved download speed.

Considered to be the best VPN in the world, "NordVPN" is perfect to stream or stream without forgetting the geographical filter on some sites or services will not be a problem!

Disadvantages of NordVPN:
As with any service, VPN, loss of flow is expected but this one, with "NordVPN", remains quite acceptable.

The price of this VPN is quite high, but it is possible to choose the payment option semi-annual or annual, it becomes very interesting with excellent value for money!

Reputation of NordVPN:
"NordVPN" enjoys an excellent reputation on the Internet, testimonials are not rare and are very positive to the product.

Conclusion for NordVPN:
"NordVPN" seems to be an ideal VPN service for any Internet user looking for a high level of security and complete anonymity for all their connected devices, the encryption and privacy algorithms implemented in the "non log" policy make this service VPN one of the most appreciated of the Web!

It is also accompanied by a 30-day money back guarantee!

I therefore recommend "NordVPN" without hesitation!

Website: www.nordvpn.com


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