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World Vpn: full test!

Faced with online computer piracy and the diversification of vpn offers, Internet users no longer know which vpn service provider to turn to. Aware of the real threats that exist on the web and the many advantages provided by the virtual private network, users use this system to secure their connection and at the same time bypass the various forms of geo censorship on the Internet. If you are not yet sure which provider to turn to, we recommend that you read this test of the vpn World Vpn service. Thanks to this analysis, you will be able to choose if this vpn meets your real needs or not.
About WorldVpn :
WorldVpn is a vpn service offered by WorldVpn Enterprise. It is a firm specialized in the marketing of security and anonymity solutions on the Internet. Offering the user the ability to encrypt its connection and access to its favorite online content wherever it is, this provider vpn also offers very affordable prices. Looking for an inexpensive way to surf anonymously and securely …

StrongVPN test and reviews 2019

StrongVPN review :
Originally from California, USA, StrongVPN was founded in 2005. Since its inception, it has become more famous and has become one of the most well-known providers today thanks to its continuous improvements and the enrichment of its features. Like most of US-based VPNs, StrongVPN has faced some privacy concerns from its users due to the severity of the US data retention laws, but its attitude to this issue is very clearly outlined in its privacy policy. The policy in question clearly states that StrongVPN does not store the browsing histories of its users. Otherwise, StrongVPN takes serious measures to protect the online privacy and security of its users. StrongVPN uses AES SHA encryption ranging from 256 bits to 2048 bits compatible with several protocols including OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, SSTP and IKEv2. Other features include a fuse, a “Best Available Location” feature and many others. StrongVPN offers these features on so many platforms that it took us some time to …

ZenMate: Test and review on the German VPN

Présentation de ZenMate vpn:

a German VPN provider of quality, still unknown in the USA , but which already had 43 million users in the world.

We will give our opinion on ZenMate in 2019, a quality VPN service that is known through its offer, free VPN in the form of extensions for web browsers (Chrome, Firefox and Opera), without any purchase. This VPN is not very popular in Turkey where government censorship has raged on the Internet.

ZenMate VPN Reviews

With over 43 million users worldwide by the day, ZenMate has clearly become a key player in the VPN environment. Based in Germany (ZenGuard GmbH, Berlin), the company has a clear focus on software quality and accessibility (no advanced settings, so everything is up to 3 clicks away). ZenMate is now compatible with any device, on Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, etc. 5 simultaneous connections (6 simultaneous connections to date: NordVPN and PrivateVPN).

The supported protocols are OpenVPN, L2TP, PPTP, and the encryption algorithm deployed…

VPN for Chrome: Comparative 2019 of the Best VPN Extensions

Competition between VPNs is becoming fiercer. There are more than a hundred in the Chrome Web Store. Yet not all are equal, and some will not be effective in protecting your data and making your connection anonymous.

To help you find the one that best meets your needs, we've compared the best VPN providers with Chrome extensions. Result: the top 5 most effective and safest solutions. A ranking that you will find at the end of this article.

You can also check our ranking and comparison of the best VPN in all categories.

Why use a VPN with the Chrome browser?

When you connect to the Internet, even through a recognized browser such as Chrome, you expose yourself to hacking your data and spying your connection by the authorities. That's why more and more people are turning to VPNs: private virtual networks that hide their IP address and encrypt their personal data and login logs.

By installing a VPN extension on your Chrome browser, you make sure that:

your connection is safe and anonym…

Why should you use a VPN, and which one?

Because the security never stops, I think it's good to talk about VPNs, Virtual Private Network, true secure tunnels for your browsing.

Because IT security never stops, I think it's good to talk about VPN networks, virtual private networks, real secure tunnels for your browsing.

What is a VPN?

A VPN is a virtual private network, translated by Virtual Private Network. You may have also converted the term tunneling, it's really about creating a tunnel between you, your machine, and the Internet resource you want to use (usually a web page).

Basically, to use a VPN, you then securely connect to a VPN server that encrypts your information, connect for you to the Vpn-investigation server, and you returns the information. Everything is encrypted and goes through a third-party server, the VPN server. The relationship of trust is therefore very important.

Why do I need one?

The first reason for using a VPN is protecting your privacy on the Internet. I'm not trying to convince t…

2019 s vpn comparison tool. VyprVPN vs NordVPN

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a system that allows you to create a direct link between two remote computers, as they were on the same local network. Often it is also possible to switch from one gateway to another with Internet access to a remote computer, which allows the other IP address and to hide its geographical origin. First used to access the company internet in a secure way, VPNs are also more useful for individuals. Why we should use a Vpn? There are two main interests on the use of a virtual private network (VPN) Learn more about user identification and location since their address is hidden behind the VPN server. But on the Web, it's sometimes taking the risk of exposing your information to other users. Use a virtual public network, a public network, or direct access to a public network. Sending the IP address of the user, it is also possible to send online tracking and social networks. VPN is not in itself an absolute protection, - besides, the absolute protection…

Expressvpn review and test 2019

When you live to the foreign, we often watch our country's television online. If you read this article, we understand that you are in this situation.

Despite this, we often find that we can not see because the content is blocked for geographical reasons.

To solve this we have the VPN, and in this case we will talk about ExpressVPN. In this post, we will explain who ExpressVPN is, its performance and prices.

Who is ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is a leading virtual private network (VPN) service provider. It allows users around the world to surf securely and anonymously on the web. It has more than 1000 servers over 145 sites in 94 countries distributed in 94 new servers every week.

ExpressVPN offers users a global connection and uncensored access to international websites. The application that have been for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Routers and Linux preserved the confidentiality of customers and offer the best Internet security in their category.

The headquarters are in the British Virgin…

IPVanishTest - Speed, Reliability and Anonymity

IPVanish is a VPN provider constantly evolving, certainly not the cheapest but offering a high quality service and very efficient to use. Complete test.

This VPN has continuously improved its service to offer more options, servers and speed to enter the closed circle of the best VPN services found on the market today

IPVanish subscription formulas

As you can see, there is no reason to take any advantage with IPVanish! Only one all-inclusive, no option concession, just choose the periodicity of the subscription: one-man back discount on a subscription 1 year.

Regarding the payment, know that you accept a wide variety of payment methods that will fit your personal needs: credit card, PayPal, Worldpay and Bitcoin (for maximum anonymity).

A very large premium VPN network
This is undoubtedly the strong point of this VPN: IPVanish has its own very high speed network infrastructure. Servers installed in 170 different countries on continents for a total of 25,000 IP addresses available. The c…

Evaluation, Reviews and Reviews of NordVPN

Product Name: NordVPN



English language

Pitch: Anonymous surfing

Price: € 2.62 / month

Format: VPN

Delivery: Instant Download

Warranty: 30 days (100% refund if not satisfied)

Description of NordVPN:

"NordVPN" is a site offering the services of a high quality VPN based in Panama.

Evaluation of NordVPN:
"NordVPN" is a site offering the services of a VPN which focuses on the protection of private data, the fight against cybercrime and the reduction of mass surveillance.

But above all, what is a VPN?
VPN stands for Virtual Private Network (aka Virtual Private Network).

This is a secure access between several devices to help protect your data and your privacy, it allows among other things to make your IP address untraceable, to encrypt your communications or to watch hundreds of movies and Streaming series without problem!

What are the features of "NordVPN"?
The interface of "NordVPN" is simple to understand …

CyberGhost VPN - Reviews, Prices, Rates & Subscription

From:$ 3.5
Price:7 Devices
Free version: No
Free trial version:No
Deployment:Installation (Mac)
  Cloud, SaaS, web
  Installation (Windows)
  Mobile (iOS native)
  Mobile (native Android)
Training:Face training
  Live online training
Help Resources: Permanent support service (direct response)
  Support in office hours

Like Hidemyass, CyberGhost is also a well-known vpn provider. It is based in Romania and its servers are in more than 20 countries in the world. We tested CyberGhost vpn and concluded that with its many strengths, it can be considered a reliable and quality vpn provider. Here is our opinion on CyberGhost. Is it the best vpn? The answers to your question.
Offers Two offers are available to interested parties: the free offer and the paid offer. We have tested these two services and we have learned that the paid service is the most interesting because it is characterized by many very useful points. The free offer is limited but can …

Nord Vpn. Best vpn in 2019

Windows client, Mac OS, IPhone, Android No download limit Allowed file sharing (on some servers) Refund 30 day money back guarantee (100%) IPs 5000 + IPs in 61+ countries Country 61 countries Maximum speed not tested PPTP, L2TP / IPSec Protocols Log files No log files! 3500 servers + servers in 61 countries Panama Headquarters 256-bit SSL encryption Payment Bitcoin, Paypal, Credit Card

NordVPN went into business in 2012. The company is based and registered in the Republic of Panama, which seems to be mainly motivated by the fact that the country does not have a regulation that requires internet providers to spy on online activities Internet users by keeping up to date reports. After all, this is one of the best and most important features that every VPN service provider should be able to offer. While NordVPN has a lot to offer its subscribers, what follows is what most users expect from a good VPN company

NordVPN went into business in 2012. The company is based and registered in the R…

CyberGhost :it's possible to use it for free!

CyberGhost: is it possible to enjoy and usr the VPN for free?
CyberGhost is one of the best VPN providers. Despite this, at the moment, it does not offer any free VPN to take advantage of its services. But that does not mean that other alternatives do not exist. We will explain how to enjoy CyberGhost for free. The steps to enjoy it could not be simpler, it will just bring a little time ... and your credit card. Without further ado, we tell you everything!

Comment tester le testeur CyberGhost gratuitement?
Vous avez bien compris le cours de l’introduction de l’article, il n’existe pas réellement de VPN gratuit chez CyberGhost. En tant que personne en temps normal.

CyberGhost is it it this profile in this opinion. Et la technique est sur ne peut être plus simple à profiter gratuitement du VPN CyberGhost. Nous nous sommes réunis en garde d’entrée, cette parade d’une durée limitée!

Pour débuter, il vous faudra souscrire à n'importe quelle offre du fournisseur. Les 30 prochains jours…